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Thursday, September 14, 2006
Stormfront suppresses the debate linking racism and feminity.............

I post on a lot of aspects about racialism on stormfronts opposing views.

Those which discuss the link between racialism and femininity are the most heavily censored. I have been unable to start a thread on the subject for 6 months now.

This is not to say i'm regularly prevented from posting many issues on stormfront. Many people are, including their own members.

This are the basic reasons mods supress posts.

1. I have just been downright rude
2. I'm just repeating old arguments.
3. The tone is trollish
4. I have posts that need expert answers, and the experts are on leave/
5. I brought up groundbreaking points they can't handle.

How to figure which of the above applies in any given post ? I developed methods to test what replies are prevented from appearing and why.

The issue on racialism and femininity has been prevented from appearing since february, and its purely down to the subject being too hot for stormfront too handle. I have tested this by hiding the points on it in more everyday threads and then using that thread to discuss the point. The replies are soon prevented from coming up. It's not the tone, its not rude, its not old hat.

Here is the content of the thread they will not allow to appear. It's just a list of points.


1. Racism is highest in feminine genetic lines. Jewish and oriental. Amazingly 3,000,000 of the 16,000,000 jews are oriental.

2. Racism is higher in gay and lesbian communites. Yes another amazing fact, considering they do not have a reproduction agenda are are themselves a rejected minority for genetic reasons.

3. The use of logic based rules for mating decisions is a female trait.

4. Lack of testosterone boosts the growth of the feminine left side of the brain which is the side that thinks according to such logical rules.

5. Studies of racist leaders such as hitler find the asthetic vanity for colour preference is related to homosexuality.

6. The research done by william J. Rushton on genetic mate preference regards female odour preference. When under pressure, men overide colour preference and seek as friends only the males who are able to deal with specific problems.

7. The origins of legal homosexuality have pagan roots. Legislation allowing homosexual relationships increases with white races, and is highest in Nordic regions and candada.

8. Sperm production comes from the male y-chromosone. Sperm counts are falling in white races, even when those races are within a mixed colour population.

9. Considering for example that zionism and the Klu klux klan are race political movements. Women have played a greater part in the background of these than of any other political movements in their similiar time period.

10. Feminine gene pools which are Type K pools gradually develop weaker immune systems, aquire more diseases of the nervous system (a leading killer of both orientals and jews), lack creativity and the ability to succeed in sports.

11. Genetic interests are what femininity is about. Note how the Y chromosome is devoid of all genes except for unique focussed mutation mechanisms which preserve male fertility. This leads to testosterone production. The male genetic system consists of nothing but an abstract expansion which explodes within the pre-existing female one


Thats it. I've tried regularly for six months to post that.

So why do Stormfront mods supress a debate about racialism and feminity. Other racial groups have accepted this already.

I am thinking the following.

The very idea of squewed human sexuality has been heavily suppressed throughout human history, and only very recently has been researched. The existence of groups like stormfront, the modern version of the klu klux klan predates this recent understanding in human behaviours. I see confronting femininity as similar to the problems creationists face when confronted with science. There would be too many problems for white nationalists which operates to recruit within a reasonably masculine gene pool. Of course now the cat is out the bag, these issues will have to be confronted eventually. Here is what I see the problems as being.

Primarily fear of losing a grip on its floating male members who are reactive.


A coping mechanism could be adapted eventually to deal with the concept of white racialism as an expression of femininity, but is would be very demanding. For example jew and orientals still manage to exist quite well, even though they have long been aware of their weaker masculinity. White nationalism has a problem. It doesnt want to become like this. However there is the problem. By opening awareness it would have to.
Tuesday, September 12, 2006
I propose two distinct types of racism.


Reactive behaviours are dynamic and short lived either in response to incoming change such as migration or to justify outwards expansion. Reactive racism is male orientated and dynamic. It can resolve itself through conflict and dominance. Reactive behaviours aren't trying to preserve it's genes. It's best analogy is that it's like an immune system aggrivated to attack anything unfamiliar. It is inherently male and operates to resist external change.


COLONIZED OPRESSION : Escape home pressure with state backed invasion.
INCOMING MIGRATION PRESSURE : deal with aggression initially
SOCIAL IDEAOLOGY : Determine if threat group can integrate

This Group reactivity isn't inherently racial, but lends itself to manipulation by local racial groups.


EXPLOITIVE RACISM : Feminine agenda :

Exploitive racism is the most stable right wing type and associated with long standing racist organizations. It points out clearly defined races, and seeks to preserve it’s genes. Agenda arise need to protect themselves through racial segregation. Exploitive groups manipulate their own reactive groups psychologically who are very often working class. This kind of racism, forms legal organizations, clique homogenous groups, express fear and form non governmental political structures, when racial flooding is high.


SCAPEGOAT UNDER PRESSURE : determine if responsibility is due to migrants
ETHNO NATIONALISM : Re-enforces racial groups for economic domination
LABOUR SHORTAGES : Seek migrants for labour pool.

Our planet picks the dominant race.....

We do need to acknowledge that racial color indicates different brain and biological make ups. Interestingly white nationalists are racist against orientals. Orientals have higher IQ for the same reasons the white spectrum are evolved over blacks. Lower testosterone levels.

The irony is that by breeding lower testosterone levels, the result is runaway evolution, which leads to over consumption and environmental pollution.

China, along with europe and america becomes a leading polluter of the environment


This pollution sits in the atmosphere and increases heat. The effect is a subsequent hike in human testosterone levels. Testosterone levels are always higher in the hotter planetary regions.

Melanin levels are corellated with mood alterations of the tyrosine / tryptophan neurotransmitter metabolites axis, i.e lighter colour = lower dopamine as a well know example. This also has an indirect effect on the androgen/ estrogen axis which also affects the expression of male / female brain structures and also within DNA the x or y dominant alleles. SO skin color can also indirectly define the speeding up of evolution, by decreasing male dominance.

Ironic. The planet self regulates human systems. Our color is related to our global position, on a globe where the north pole was until recently the coldest one.

The High T (testosterone) spectrum races at the south hemisphere dont tend to evolve quickly. They may even prefer to regress. The lower T spectrum races evolve at a runaway rate and then pollute the planet. The planet then overheats, and selection then favours, those who produce darker skin melanin profiles which also links with more dopamine and the production of higher Testosterone. HighT spectum races tend to be right brain dominant, socially dominant, idea driven while not being economically driven and so consumption and industrial pollution will be reduced.

My opinion is that this consumption decreases because as mans testosterone levels increase, he becomes less interested in maintaining what he has, is more restless, migratory and impulsive.

This is in essence a thermodynamic view of genetic change. Our planet itself re-regulates through heat, the biology and colour of the races, at the sexual hormonal level. Which directly or not selects out the races which are least irritating it.

IMAGE FROM http://www.fragilecologies.com/img/global-warming.jpg
Immigration increases human abilites......

White nationalists are keen on racial superiority. However this does not stretch to accomodating at any level one of the prime mechanisms which increases human ability.

Human migration.

EPigenetics (the study of environment on genes) has progressed far enough to show that migration is what evolves IQ, and its IQ which is the key factor in human evolution ?

Richard Lynns research presented in IQ wealth of nations "for all its faults" still succeeded in showing a clear global pattern between migration and IQ.


In IQ terms, the oriental races are more highly evolved here. Also ashkenazi jews have the highests IQ's. They have migrated more than any group.

White supremists are very smart on group politics and fabricated propaganda.


Here we see a greek scholar rip it apart.


"March of the Titans A History of the White Race" states that migration destroys civilisation. My opinion is that any civilisation has it's time span and that this is subject to natural entropy (Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society). Migration is symptomn of entropy, not the cause.

Lynn tells us that the nations which had racial mixing due to migration pressure have high IQ's, and that is the prime predictor of economic success. According to Lynn, the biggest predicted growing nation is the orient, which has a long standing harsh inter-migration history.

While many human groups are initially hostile to migrants, they will cherry pick from the migrants and this helps evolution. White nationalists say they will refuse to cherry pick. Even the greatest achievers and talents must leave.

A contradiction exists here for white nationalists. They cite themselves as the prime in human achievement, and then refuse to accomodate a basis for that. It makes me think that for this kind of regressive extremism to occur they must feel overwhelmed. THis is already a researched subject


The full jewish youth treatment is very similiar to the no race mixing white nationalist child rearing. In response to being told not to mix with non jews, I asked awkward questions like what if they are succesfull in all the ways that i am being told to be.

I was told in very clear terms that it didnt matter what non jewish people had made of themselves. This unconditional rejection is an underlying aspect of racism whether jewish or white nationalist which can be hard to get to grips with. I believe it only be be understood in terms of feminine logic expressing itself in what i'll call "Generational probation". The rejection is not really true, but an expression of a submissive "playing hard to get game" that is quite feminine. This manifests itself as a superficial witholding of approval for anything outside ones in-group withheld for at least one generation. Especially non jewish women.

However Jews clearly take in non-jewish people to their gene pool.


Their own line on assimilating jewish women hasnt stood up to pressure either. The ashkenazi jews who are now the most succesfull jews would have been on probation at one time. This cream of current jews are in fact descended from genetically non-israeli women.



"The conclusion was that either the early Jews had an abnormally high mtDNA diversity (doubtful) or Jews have acquired maternal lineages since their emergence as a distinct group (quite likely)."

It was migrating jewish men who impregnated non jewish women.

My point is that white racist behaviours are very similiar to jewish behaviours and represent female selection. Their statements about no race mixing cannot be taken seriously in any consistent manner, but represent an aspect of Schellings game theory. When their numbers are flooded by the unfamiliar, they will reject. When their numbers are in danger they will assimiliate.

White racists pride themselves on being an "average" of racial characteristics. This requires a lot of race mixing.

IMAGE from http://academics.utep.edu/Portals/532/Immigration%20Family%20007.jpg

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