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Monday, October 23, 2006

FIGHT DEM BACK is a jewish organization.

I put my blog round for review around a few anti-racist forums. I was stunned at the venomous response from FIGHTDEMBACK



How bitchy is that..this did not seem like a normal reaction to my views. IT stood out from all the others significantly. Look at how i give properly referenced replies and look at the venom. What was the problem ?

I considered this for a couple of weeks and it dawned on me that the reactions felt jewish. I am half ashkenazi/half italian. Although i am well out of the jewish system, my chidhood has given me a feeling for jewish reactions.

A search soon revealed what i thought. FIGHTDEMBACK is jewish funded and run.


Apparently the guy who runs it is gay jewish guy Asher goldman. In fact i sent my theory to the head of FIGHTDEMBACK by mail. So i presume it was Asher who is "Carl sexheimer on the forum". His behaviour and blog indicates he is of the hyperagressive homosexual type.

They were intellectually dishonest. The reason they didnt like my blog was that it had sub truths which apply to them. ALthough stromfront is my focus, I use jewish groups as an example of other racial groups which become femininized. In fact my statements regarding jews are more benign. I consider them as a whole at one with their squewed sexuality, as are orientals. FIGHTDEMBACK are not in that category.

Nowhere on that dicussion was this aspect brought up. A couple of replies were intelligent and i gave them good replies back.

FIGHTDEMBACK ? Their agenda remains hidden unless you dig around a bit and use street savvy to figure it out. Jews arent portrayed well in Australia.

To conclude and by co-incidence i had a very powerfull dream last night. I was crossing a newly built bridge in my home city, and overheard some women discussing this blog as being very interesting. Kind of a fame thing i guess. I just walked by them across the bridge. As i crossed the bridge i recognised some older jewish bearded men standing in front of a huge ad billboard. I belive this represents jeish media. I began to lose my rag, perhaps spurred by my confidence that the general public were finding my blog interesting. SO I shouted at the JEwish man with the most smug wry smile.

"theres nothing to being jewish, it an incoherent sham !!"

The bearded man shouted back with glee.

"look at how we survive"

I have been at odds with my jewish background for decades now. I shouted a lot back which was pretty good stuff. Pity it is now hard to recall.

I think that dream helped my realization today that FIGHT DEM BACK were jewish.


Anonymous Chuck U. Farley said...

FDB are not just Jewish but also are stooges of the Illuminati. They have money like a house has bricks. Alot is spent by weezil and Darp on cocaine and whores.

11:46 PM  
Blogger sprinklehopper said...

The illuminati were another jewish intelligence agency.

12:35 PM  

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