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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Immigration increases human abilites......

White nationalists are keen on racial superiority. However this does not stretch to accomodating at any level one of the prime mechanisms which increases human ability.

Human migration.

EPigenetics (the study of environment on genes) has progressed far enough to show that migration is what evolves IQ, and its IQ which is the key factor in human evolution ?

Richard Lynns research presented in IQ wealth of nations "for all its faults" still succeeded in showing a clear global pattern between migration and IQ.


In IQ terms, the oriental races are more highly evolved here. Also ashkenazi jews have the highests IQ's. They have migrated more than any group.

White supremists are very smart on group politics and fabricated propaganda.


Here we see a greek scholar rip it apart.


"March of the Titans A History of the White Race" states that migration destroys civilisation. My opinion is that any civilisation has it's time span and that this is subject to natural entropy (Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society). Migration is symptomn of entropy, not the cause.

Lynn tells us that the nations which had racial mixing due to migration pressure have high IQ's, and that is the prime predictor of economic success. According to Lynn, the biggest predicted growing nation is the orient, which has a long standing harsh inter-migration history.

While many human groups are initially hostile to migrants, they will cherry pick from the migrants and this helps evolution. White nationalists say they will refuse to cherry pick. Even the greatest achievers and talents must leave.

A contradiction exists here for white nationalists. They cite themselves as the prime in human achievement, and then refuse to accomodate a basis for that. It makes me think that for this kind of regressive extremism to occur they must feel overwhelmed. THis is already a researched subject


The full jewish youth treatment is very similiar to the no race mixing white nationalist child rearing. In response to being told not to mix with non jews, I asked awkward questions like what if they are succesfull in all the ways that i am being told to be.

I was told in very clear terms that it didnt matter what non jewish people had made of themselves. This unconditional rejection is an underlying aspect of racism whether jewish or white nationalist which can be hard to get to grips with. I believe it only be be understood in terms of feminine logic expressing itself in what i'll call "Generational probation". The rejection is not really true, but an expression of a submissive "playing hard to get game" that is quite feminine. This manifests itself as a superficial witholding of approval for anything outside ones in-group withheld for at least one generation. Especially non jewish women.

However Jews clearly take in non-jewish people to their gene pool.


Their own line on assimilating jewish women hasnt stood up to pressure either. The ashkenazi jews who are now the most succesfull jews would have been on probation at one time. This cream of current jews are in fact descended from genetically non-israeli women.



"The conclusion was that either the early Jews had an abnormally high mtDNA diversity (doubtful) or Jews have acquired maternal lineages since their emergence as a distinct group (quite likely)."

It was migrating jewish men who impregnated non jewish women.

My point is that white racist behaviours are very similiar to jewish behaviours and represent female selection. Their statements about no race mixing cannot be taken seriously in any consistent manner, but represent an aspect of Schellings game theory. When their numbers are flooded by the unfamiliar, they will reject. When their numbers are in danger they will assimiliate.

White racists pride themselves on being an "average" of racial characteristics. This requires a lot of race mixing.

IMAGE from http://academics.utep.edu/Portals/532/Immigration%20Family%20007.jpg


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