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Sunday, October 01, 2006
Google success for search terms

this is happening faster than i thought.

My initial aim was to get to page one for the terms "white pride stormfront" these are the terms i am thinking people looking for stormfront will type. In fact google appear to be allowing only two pages of results for simpler terms such as "white stormfront" or "nationalist stormfront"

I thought i would have to write a well researched papers, spend ages debating and getting things done right, and spend till next year researching internet marketing.

Refer to this for current results on google and MSN


This theory is in a fledgling stage, but i feel the basic premise is sound.

Just the two forum discussion linked to that got 1200 readers in a few days and top star ratings on one. For stormfront in general I must have about 14,000 readers, due to a dozen posts i have begun.

Just these two reached 2,500 very quickly. Used different names due to their heavy moderation.



4,500 readers for this one


Those are respectable readerships numbers. And the speed with which they aquired readers was fast. About a week did it. Many threads in Stormfront are at numbers of 16,000 and above, This because they get re-bumped for many months. I tend to leave when i get the discussion i needed.

Other progress found in searching the terms racism femininity



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