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Monday, October 02, 2006

Well this blog is a side issue, which is also helping me to test blogging and internet market for my real serious projects.

Blog now appears on google...results here



This fledgling blog had done the rounds, and taken flack as well as many finding the ideas interesting. Heres what has to be clear right away.

1. Femininity is not a bad thing. I never thought it was. How can half of what makes life be bad. When feminine behaviours are adopted by men, whether culturally or become embodied in their brain development through time, and taken too far. Now that’s another matter entirely. My take on racial groups is that the post natal developmental stage in which testosterone produces right brain dominance is missed out. Racists, the eugenic, cultural preserve (exploitive racism)......


type are clusters of men who may have one or two female brain components. There are about half a dozen known major brain structures due to sex differences. SO just possesing one or two of the minor ones from the opposite sex, wouldnt make a racist gay, just that they would be veering towards exhibiting some female social behaviours, infused with a normal physiology. In fact racists are homophobic, but this is also considered to be linked to insecurity about oneself.

Homosexuals Sometimes Display Violent Homophobia

abridged from http://brainmind.com/Homosexuality1.html

As I have noted elsewhere (Joseph, 1992b), in some instances of “homophobic” violence, the attacker is in fact beating upon his own unknown face. Homosexuals are often beat up and attacked by other homosexuals–including those males who do not know, but who fear that they, themselves may be “queer.” These latter males may in fact go out in search of a “queer” to beat up, and may force the “queer” to perform fellatio…….A great deal of “gay” violence, is in fact perpetrated by homosexuals, including those who know they are homosexual, and who are in homosexual relationships……… actual physical violence against homosexuals is predominantly committed by homosexuals. ………In a recent PBS series on those who murder homosexuals, it was also inadvertently revealed that almost every single individual convicted of visciously murdering a homosexual had previously had sex with men. And in some cases, groups of men who have had sex together went out as a group in search of homosexuals they could rob, beat and murder. …….However, it should also be stressed that violence, in the form of sadomasochism is also characteristic of the homosexual “life style;” the frequency, intensity, and nature of which varies widely among individual homosexuals with a minority of such individuals deriving intense sexual pleasure from mild to moderate pain including torture. ……The propensity to indulge in, and the fascination with violence and sadomasochism–in a significant MINORITY of homosexuals (about 30%), is probably also due to the significant structural changes and hypertrophy within the limbic system. That is, as the limbic system mediates sexuality and violence, in cases of an abnormal limbic system, sexuality and violence become linked. Thus some homosexual (and heterosexual) men becomes exceedingly sexually aroused by violence and sexual violence in particular. ……This may well explain why throughout history, the most visciously sadistic of men and male-dominated organizations, have consisted of homosexuals. Consider, for example, Hitler’s notorious S.A. The leadership of the S.A., the “brown shirts,” was 100% homosexual. The members and leadership of this association in fact established the first concentration camps in Germany, where they delighted in torturing and murdering all political enemies. ……Likewise, consider, the two teenagers who killed 13 fellow students at Columbine Senior High School in Littleton, Colorado, on Monday, April 19, 1999, were both homosexuals who delighted in emulating the Nazi salute and yelling “Heil Hitler” in the halls of their school. ……Likewise, the war against women conducted by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages, was orchestrated and carried out by homosexual priests. ……..Bishop Bossuet, of France, advocated that over 180,000 women be gathered up in one body and that “all be burned at once in one fire;” and hundreds of thousands if not millions of women were murdered……..Even as early as 1404, well before the sexual mass murder of women reached the height of its madness, the Papal fathers had burned at least 30,000 women. So many women were murdered that it could be said that the Church was attempting no less than a whole sale genocide of women–”sexocide” at Lederer (1973) put it………Often all the women in a given area were rounded up by the Catholic authorities. Those who were exceedingly attractive were then hideously sexually tortured and then slaughtered by burning, boiling in oil, crushing, and via whatever device the religious authorities felt appropriate or which suited their sick minds. In Germany huge ovens were constructed for the purposes of mass female murder (Achterberg, 1991; Lederer 1968)…….Indeed, the term “faggot” which is now used to described homosexuals in general, was originally employed to described those priestly homosexuals whose profession was to burn these women at the stake; i.e. foggot=kindling. Fagots supplied the wood for burning the women. …..Of course, it was not just women who were hideously tortured and sadistically murdered by the homosexual clergy, but Muslims, Jews, and fellow Christians. …..It is important to stress, however, that only a significant MINORITY of homosexuals appear to derive pleasure from sadomasochism and violent sadistic behavior, i.e. about 30%


I predict it is mainly left brain dominance an indicator of low T in childhood. (but not as adults) I have invited stromfront members to do an online test to prove this. Of course they refused.

PErhaps also another explanation for the neurological correlates of racism is odour sensitive pathways, which according to the work of Philipe J Rushton is the criteria which women subconsciously select out who they mate with.

I did this diagram synthesised from uni texts and what we currently know to put together a complete image of sex differences in brain development.

Blue are the female wirings. Red the male. As you can see the females brain olfactory tract is strong. SO sensitive it reacts with fear to genetic differences.


2. The point I’m making about racialism is not that the femininity component is a startling realization. Ok perhaps it is to go into it in this detail. The point is that obsession with eugenics leads to the suppression of mans natural creative instinct to do as he pleases (just try saying and doing what you feel like as a member of a white pride group).

3. The premise here is built from scientific reading. My presentation is hurried. Blog structure is not to good for now. (first blog)

Other issues

Thanks to this forum.


My theory list needs fully referenced blogs for each point. However i assure you the theory points were created from references held on my drive. When i get a break from day job i will do this while dealing with the many excellent critics. Just getting this site up and running took creative effort. Now rewriting, referencing is a major job. I am hoping my ideas will still be strong after taking all comers. The reception has been better than i anticipated. A lot of quality people found the concept interesting.

Hopefully this blog will become something i feel other blogs should link to. But not yet. For now this is the best way to progress. Online development.
Sunday, October 01, 2006
Google success for search terms

this is happening faster than i thought.

My initial aim was to get to page one for the terms "white pride stormfront" these are the terms i am thinking people looking for stormfront will type. In fact google appear to be allowing only two pages of results for simpler terms such as "white stormfront" or "nationalist stormfront"

I thought i would have to write a well researched papers, spend ages debating and getting things done right, and spend till next year researching internet marketing.

Refer to this for current results on google and MSN


This theory is in a fledgling stage, but i feel the basic premise is sound.

Just the two forum discussion linked to that got 1200 readers in a few days and top star ratings on one. For stormfront in general I must have about 14,000 readers, due to a dozen posts i have begun.

Just these two reached 2,500 very quickly. Used different names due to their heavy moderation.



4,500 readers for this one


Those are respectable readerships numbers. And the speed with which they aquired readers was fast. About a week did it. Many threads in Stormfront are at numbers of 16,000 and above, This because they get re-bumped for many months. I tend to leave when i get the discussion i needed.

Other progress found in searching the terms racism femininity


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