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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
I propose two distinct types of racism.


Reactive behaviours are dynamic and short lived either in response to incoming change such as migration or to justify outwards expansion. Reactive racism is male orientated and dynamic. It can resolve itself through conflict and dominance. Reactive behaviours aren't trying to preserve it's genes. It's best analogy is that it's like an immune system aggrivated to attack anything unfamiliar. It is inherently male and operates to resist external change.


COLONIZED OPRESSION : Escape home pressure with state backed invasion.
INCOMING MIGRATION PRESSURE : deal with aggression initially
SOCIAL IDEAOLOGY : Determine if threat group can integrate

This Group reactivity isn't inherently racial, but lends itself to manipulation by local racial groups.


EXPLOITIVE RACISM : Feminine agenda :

Exploitive racism is the most stable right wing type and associated with long standing racist organizations. It points out clearly defined races, and seeks to preserve it’s genes. Agenda arise need to protect themselves through racial segregation. Exploitive groups manipulate their own reactive groups psychologically who are very often working class. This kind of racism, forms legal organizations, clique homogenous groups, express fear and form non governmental political structures, when racial flooding is high.


SCAPEGOAT UNDER PRESSURE : determine if responsibility is due to migrants
ETHNO NATIONALISM : Re-enforces racial groups for economic domination
LABOUR SHORTAGES : Seek migrants for labour pool.


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