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Thursday, May 17, 2007
Pan Aryan Alliance allow debate of racialism/femininity concept 

I saw a link to my concept appear there, then went to debate it.


This is my first opportunity to present this concept to a racist forum in a year of trying. Previously it has been supressed almost everywhere. So i'll be taking my time to present the arguments properly. So far the concept has been supressed from Stormfront, majorityrights.com, fightdemback. The blog has also dropped completely out the google listings (not down the listings but deleted from them) on the very day i made a post stating the the jewish system fell under this theory. Google has anti-semitic rulings on blog content. This site is owned by google. It still has no appearance in google, despite being in the top four in msn search for almost six months under many major search terms such as "white pride"

This so far is the debate on Pan Aryan network. I presume they are allowing me to debate there because its splinter group where the racists are women. SO they would be interested to hear a concept such as this.

[QUOTE Lieutenant]
"One, point I'd like to make, to you, which I have not done so over on the Phora. Perhaps just because I have no read into too much of it, but what you have to understand is, that where you come up with your terminology like female racism vs. male racism to describe the behavior differences you are going to be naturally greeting by confusion from the anti-racist types and indignation from the racists on the flip side. What your theory is, being a way of systematically describing a relationship if I understand it, implies a solution:"

I need to redo that. The word racism for a start is too emotive. Women are'nt going to like being called racist by instinct. And Racists are'nt going to like to be called partly feminine. Ok i admit i was being a bit reactive to begin with, and enjoyed presenting the contraversy. That was due to the battle against supression. REally if the idea is strong, i can do without that kind of contraversy. Any better ideas for terms would be appreciated.

Just to re-iterate. I'm saying that the majority of men are tribal, and tribes are "overall" more amenable to conversion of others through domination, influence, persuasion. (this conversion process interestingly seems to be similiar to the way in which male gene sequences themselves operate in genomes) So this isnt racist. It doesnt eliminate foreign genes but allows them in, if they submit. Tribal instincts are manipulated often by the minority of racist men, but its not racist.

When i say females are racist, its not in the way that men are. It's not agressive, it doesnt set out to eliminate. It just selects a lot of similiar sets of qualities. You could only describe female elimination in terms of reproductive rejection, and that would be abstract. We could get into all the stuff about what females do in groups and networks, but to simplify..they converge and clone desirable examples and variants of success in the present context. Because their group is convergent, it's more likely this context is dictated by the previous. Females still allow in a small amount of foreign genes, if they offer significant improvements.

What your theory is, being a way of systematically describing a relationship if I understand it, implies a solution: Your solution. For my benefit and the benefit of others here, you should probably start by describing or "proving" why exactly is the racialism expressed today, not beneficial...or beneficial for that matter. For example, if you are going to argue in one case that Europe was founded on "masculine competition" and that this was a good thing, as it produced the European race as we know it today, and then simultaneously argue that globalization ensures a more race mixed future whether we like it or not, and then again argue that we should not practice eugenics, even while admitting the differences between the races, well, let's just say, I think your moral view on the subject contradicts itself.

Its just the application of complexity theory to human groups. The relationships in these groups tend to occur between the feminine components, but less so the male ones. SO male racists will make strong rules about what genes should be eliminated, and there wont be any exceptions, because they dont have the capacity or ability to connect to anything else. If anything male racists need to control the breeding instincts of their own women, because their own women will look for some outside genetic material if its better than their own men.

So in a way the male racist is fighting for control over the natural instincts of his women. If there is a solution, its exactly what you say, and i was surprised someone understood what i said enough to produce a better description.

"Female racism, moderates male racism,."

I never thought about that. Perhaps the women here could comment. So thats saying the reverse of what i just said about racist men seeking control of their women

"Female racism, moderates male racism, or rather is merely a more sophisticated extension of it, which has adapted to the modern situation

I would disagree with that extention, unless we had some view that females from africa were more right brain dominant..and so produced less convergent patterns of social behaviour than we have up north now where women are more mixed to left brain dominant. The limbic system instincts which produce female selective behavior come from lower species. Regardless of cortical brain dominance and the expression of complex cortical thinking, they still select. This is still on ongoing area for me. I'm studying a female i'm dating. Behaviour is right brain dominant, yet when i plot her hormone fluctuations on a chart in accordance with her cycle She still resorts to expressing very convergent feminine instincts. (shes into this stuff also so is quite into me doing this) My take on this dichotmy is that this is because limbic and cortical development occur at different stages.

Ok back to the point..the contradictions. These i should say are just the result of skipping into one area..getting a bit reactive..sometimes but jumping out..and not going back to rewrite and..say "Look i got a bit reactive there"..I will redraft the whole site and it will probably bear little resemblence in tone to its present form, and just discuss racial instincts in terms of biological systems and complexity. The stuff on southern europeans, was just a debate against stormfronts takeover bid on southern europe. Its not really that important.

Really i'm not looking to solve Europes racial problems. My prime project is trying to rebuild system theory, because thats what i'm suited to. I don't have any belief or group affilliation, because all thats apparent to me is figuring the overall human system. This just happens when you get into complexity research. Anyway in answer..I think female instincts will sort things out in Europe. They are after all why we are here having this debate. What i mean is sure..we have this one big factor that even no educated anti-racist can deny..the inclusion of lower intelligence.

White women in less IQ laden but more strength orientated working class populations do go for other races where raw strength is more important to them than intelligence. A moderate IQ, with a more functional adaption pattern and high strength is better at dealing with the kind of problems they face. Ok i'm reffering to the most extreme cities here, but it does go on, and those cities are the fastest breeding ones. So the point is there is still some female selection occuring from the groups male racists want to be totally rejected.

Back to your question. When female networks become disconnected in extreme type r population memetics, and paternal control dictates selection, such as islam, or in africa where the women seem to behave chaotically (perhaps because they are right brain dominant) then women face difficulties exerting selective control. In both these populations rape was hardly a crime by law till very recently. Thats not a problem in europe.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006
I Hadnt quite expected this blog to rise so rapidly in the search engines.

Typing white pride into msn search I’m at number four. (update number three now)

1. www.whitepride.com
2. www.stormfront.org
3. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_pride
4. stormfrontpride.blogspot.com

I need to do another page soon regarding my total dissapearance from google


Lots of sites get deleted from google..but this isnt just what happened. High ranked Forum discussions about my site also dropped off on the same day, I put up this post, which mentions jews.
Seeing as these are not linked..we basically have a human 
hand at play in the jewish run google.  I've done a lot of  research on google, i'll put it up soon.

To summarize, its true, they have guys sit and delete political content they dont like, if they can get away with it, (so the major racist sites will get a bettter treatment than minor players like me.)  Google are up to all kinds of stuff..not that its googles top guys. Google will be jewish infiltrated by now at employee level..

just as the media is manipulated at a lower level than boardrooms.

Anything which mentions jews is number one on their list for deletion

So I'm being supressed by both white nationalists and jews. 

I guess i must have some good ideas. 

(Update 26/12/2006) ..the day i mention here my analytical skills are going
to be re-directed from white nationalists to google..my listings re-appear under
google. My research into google finds that that supressed listings re-appear
as soon as anyone makes a fuss. indicating we have sub drone jews, messing
around with the listings, but do not want to be pointed at in case they lose
their jobs)

Anyway with this kind of internet profile, i'd better explain myself.

I’ve got some Arabic appearance from my father who is from sicily. (A well known spot for Arabic incursion.) The british rise in racism made me prone to a lot of muslim abuse, and I also have found that i teamed up with “Westernized” muslims a lot in sport, academic research and work. Strange considering, that I’m not in any way muslim. The reverse. I’m half Ashkenzai (European jew). I’m not however part of the jewish system and have been considered a self opted outsider by my jewish relatives for a long time. Almost decades. What was going on ?

One of my prime but still unrecognised life aims is the research of complex systems using inductive analysis by means of symmetry and asymmetry. I get academic support and written a book on how this applies to the brain which should be out mid 2007.

Trying to break apart brain structure lead me to research aspects of brain differences relating to sex, which primed me for my current project, which is to understand whether the electromagnetic system of our planet affects the distribution and evolution of differences in human groups. In some of these groups there is clearly defined race.

Where was the information on race ? Science at that time said it didn’t exist. (it does now with 10% of genes found to be non-similiar). It was to be found in the sites and writings of white nationalists. They had a clear grip on the best research in this area and were politically mining it for all they could. Publications from white nationalist websites tended to “join the dots” in regard to singling out jewish involvement in the ills of European history.


The average person can tell that the site is interesting but of tabloid sensation towards inflammation. White nationalist writers also overfabricated white genes as the key to the success of western civilisation.


The work is generally considered ridiculous with the author found to retouch the colour of images.


However racist groups tend to be fragmented. With high and low quality researchers. Much of the high quality researchers tended to be morally outraged ex jews such as henry makow with inside insight as to what is going on.


Its well revealed now, the Jewish control of the media, and manipulation of major political systems was not a paranoid as it sounded. Jewish manipulation of American political system was behind the iraq incursions.



IN regards to the prime subject of race. The best researchers tended to be academically repressed.




SO I spent a lot of time on the major racist forum stormfront.


I was getting a whole insight (albeit skewed) into many aspects of living reality. Much of this was helping my non political project of unravelling the structure of human systems. I debated on the opposing views section. A lot of my threads gained a good readership.

in general I must have about 14,000 readers, due to various posts i have begun.

Just these two reached 2,500 very quickly. Used different names due to their heavy moderation.



4,500 readers for this one



Due to the fact that I was researching sex differences in human systems as an aspect of electromagnetism, it became clear to me that an interest in racial preservation which tended towards an average mix was a very feminine domain.

A Womans whole life rests on making correct genetic judgements, that need to converge in her mid 20’s. The woman cannot afford to make too many jumps in genetic difference. Just a degree of development away from her previous genome will do. So this is why odour preference research found that women were able to detect mens odours to genetic level, and the preferences were to be an increment away from their father.

“A 2002 study found women prefer the scent of men with genes somewhat similar to their own over the scent of nearly genetically identical or totally dissimilar men.”


Female selection develops the genome. (XX chromosomes prevail everywhere, with Y being minor) Eugenics is then a female domain. Women make mating decisions through their networks, unless they are completely dominated within a type r pool, which is higher in testosterone. Muslim, African or any working class segment of a western population.



Men do not naturally care about genetics. As masculinity increases, the desire to have sex with anything and leave increases. All the y-chromosone does in the whole genome is protect the basis for, skeletal muscle structure, sperm and testosterone production, along with right brain dominance in post natal development. (divergent behaviour). These Y-genes are also copied and structurally re-enforced so they are unique to the entire genome using powerful pallindromic sequences. That focus mutation to protect this handful of genes.


Why ? I’m not going to get into this for now, just to say that my current opinion is that mans purpose genetically is to explode and throw divergent chaos into the genome. The primary domain of this expression becomes the environment. Women own the genome. Men explode and diverge the environment.

The male aspect stops stagnation, develops strength, immunity and creativity, where as Female eugenics is much like the steady development of popular cars) is an increment away from the previous model, focussing on stability, security, reliability and efficiency.

As I began to develop this idea, it tried to present it for discussion on stormfront. I would never appear. Having a bit of experience on the forum I knew their rules and so rewrote the threads to be more sanguine.

Still no appearance. I thought what I’ll do is discuss some aspects of the research but not on the theory behind it, then bring up the theory. As predicted the aspect threads appeared and as soon as I revealed I had a theory that men who adopted eugenics strategies were of the feminine type K population, those posts were repressed.

I tried rewriting everything several times into different formats leaving several months between posts. Still the subject was never allowed to appear. I knew I was onto something. Hence this blog. It consists initially of all the threads that were not allowed to appear, with new developments. SEEMS from the search engine results and forum discussions a lot of people are finding my ideas interesting.

OK that’s it for now.

Monday, October 23, 2006

FIGHT DEM BACK is a jewish organization.

I put my blog round for review around a few anti-racist forums. I was stunned at the venomous response from FIGHTDEMBACK



How bitchy is that..this did not seem like a normal reaction to my views. IT stood out from all the others significantly. Look at how i give properly referenced replies and look at the venom. What was the problem ?

I considered this for a couple of weeks and it dawned on me that the reactions felt jewish. I am half ashkenazi/half italian. Although i am well out of the jewish system, my chidhood has given me a feeling for jewish reactions.

A search soon revealed what i thought. FIGHTDEMBACK is jewish funded and run.


Apparently the guy who runs it is gay jewish guy Asher goldman. In fact i sent my theory to the head of FIGHTDEMBACK by mail. So i presume it was Asher who is "Carl sexheimer on the forum". His behaviour and blog indicates he is of the hyperagressive homosexual type.

They were intellectually dishonest. The reason they didnt like my blog was that it had sub truths which apply to them. ALthough stromfront is my focus, I use jewish groups as an example of other racial groups which become femininized. In fact my statements regarding jews are more benign. I consider them as a whole at one with their squewed sexuality, as are orientals. FIGHTDEMBACK are not in that category.

Nowhere on that dicussion was this aspect brought up. A couple of replies were intelligent and i gave them good replies back.

FIGHTDEMBACK ? Their agenda remains hidden unless you dig around a bit and use street savvy to figure it out. Jews arent portrayed well in Australia.

To conclude and by co-incidence i had a very powerfull dream last night. I was crossing a newly built bridge in my home city, and overheard some women discussing this blog as being very interesting. Kind of a fame thing i guess. I just walked by them across the bridge. As i crossed the bridge i recognised some older jewish bearded men standing in front of a huge ad billboard. I belive this represents jeish media. I began to lose my rag, perhaps spurred by my confidence that the general public were finding my blog interesting. SO I shouted at the JEwish man with the most smug wry smile.

"theres nothing to being jewish, it an incoherent sham !!"

The bearded man shouted back with glee.

"look at how we survive"

I have been at odds with my jewish background for decades now. I shouted a lot back which was pretty good stuff. Pity it is now hard to recall.

I think that dream helped my realization today that FIGHT DEM BACK were jewish.
Monday, October 02, 2006

Well this blog is a side issue, which is also helping me to test blogging and internet market for my real serious projects.

Blog now appears on google...results here



This fledgling blog had done the rounds, and taken flack as well as many finding the ideas interesting. Heres what has to be clear right away.

1. Femininity is not a bad thing. I never thought it was. How can half of what makes life be bad. When feminine behaviours are adopted by men, whether culturally or become embodied in their brain development through time, and taken too far. Now that’s another matter entirely. My take on racial groups is that the post natal developmental stage in which testosterone produces right brain dominance is missed out. Racists, the eugenic, cultural preserve (exploitive racism)......


type are clusters of men who may have one or two female brain components. There are about half a dozen known major brain structures due to sex differences. SO just possesing one or two of the minor ones from the opposite sex, wouldnt make a racist gay, just that they would be veering towards exhibiting some female social behaviours, infused with a normal physiology. In fact racists are homophobic, but this is also considered to be linked to insecurity about oneself.

Homosexuals Sometimes Display Violent Homophobia

abridged from http://brainmind.com/Homosexuality1.html

As I have noted elsewhere (Joseph, 1992b), in some instances of “homophobic” violence, the attacker is in fact beating upon his own unknown face. Homosexuals are often beat up and attacked by other homosexuals–including those males who do not know, but who fear that they, themselves may be “queer.” These latter males may in fact go out in search of a “queer” to beat up, and may force the “queer” to perform fellatio…….A great deal of “gay” violence, is in fact perpetrated by homosexuals, including those who know they are homosexual, and who are in homosexual relationships……… actual physical violence against homosexuals is predominantly committed by homosexuals. ………In a recent PBS series on those who murder homosexuals, it was also inadvertently revealed that almost every single individual convicted of visciously murdering a homosexual had previously had sex with men. And in some cases, groups of men who have had sex together went out as a group in search of homosexuals they could rob, beat and murder. …….However, it should also be stressed that violence, in the form of sadomasochism is also characteristic of the homosexual “life style;” the frequency, intensity, and nature of which varies widely among individual homosexuals with a minority of such individuals deriving intense sexual pleasure from mild to moderate pain including torture. ……The propensity to indulge in, and the fascination with violence and sadomasochism–in a significant MINORITY of homosexuals (about 30%), is probably also due to the significant structural changes and hypertrophy within the limbic system. That is, as the limbic system mediates sexuality and violence, in cases of an abnormal limbic system, sexuality and violence become linked. Thus some homosexual (and heterosexual) men becomes exceedingly sexually aroused by violence and sexual violence in particular. ……This may well explain why throughout history, the most visciously sadistic of men and male-dominated organizations, have consisted of homosexuals. Consider, for example, Hitler’s notorious S.A. The leadership of the S.A., the “brown shirts,” was 100% homosexual. The members and leadership of this association in fact established the first concentration camps in Germany, where they delighted in torturing and murdering all political enemies. ……Likewise, consider, the two teenagers who killed 13 fellow students at Columbine Senior High School in Littleton, Colorado, on Monday, April 19, 1999, were both homosexuals who delighted in emulating the Nazi salute and yelling “Heil Hitler” in the halls of their school. ……Likewise, the war against women conducted by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages, was orchestrated and carried out by homosexual priests. ……..Bishop Bossuet, of France, advocated that over 180,000 women be gathered up in one body and that “all be burned at once in one fire;” and hundreds of thousands if not millions of women were murdered……..Even as early as 1404, well before the sexual mass murder of women reached the height of its madness, the Papal fathers had burned at least 30,000 women. So many women were murdered that it could be said that the Church was attempting no less than a whole sale genocide of women–”sexocide” at Lederer (1973) put it………Often all the women in a given area were rounded up by the Catholic authorities. Those who were exceedingly attractive were then hideously sexually tortured and then slaughtered by burning, boiling in oil, crushing, and via whatever device the religious authorities felt appropriate or which suited their sick minds. In Germany huge ovens were constructed for the purposes of mass female murder (Achterberg, 1991; Lederer 1968)…….Indeed, the term “faggot” which is now used to described homosexuals in general, was originally employed to described those priestly homosexuals whose profession was to burn these women at the stake; i.e. foggot=kindling. Fagots supplied the wood for burning the women. …..Of course, it was not just women who were hideously tortured and sadistically murdered by the homosexual clergy, but Muslims, Jews, and fellow Christians. …..It is important to stress, however, that only a significant MINORITY of homosexuals appear to derive pleasure from sadomasochism and violent sadistic behavior, i.e. about 30%


I predict it is mainly left brain dominance an indicator of low T in childhood. (but not as adults) I have invited stromfront members to do an online test to prove this. Of course they refused.

PErhaps also another explanation for the neurological correlates of racism is odour sensitive pathways, which according to the work of Philipe J Rushton is the criteria which women subconsciously select out who they mate with.

I did this diagram synthesised from uni texts and what we currently know to put together a complete image of sex differences in brain development.

Blue are the female wirings. Red the male. As you can see the females brain olfactory tract is strong. SO sensitive it reacts with fear to genetic differences.


2. The point I’m making about racialism is not that the femininity component is a startling realization. Ok perhaps it is to go into it in this detail. The point is that obsession with eugenics leads to the suppression of mans natural creative instinct to do as he pleases (just try saying and doing what you feel like as a member of a white pride group).

3. The premise here is built from scientific reading. My presentation is hurried. Blog structure is not to good for now. (first blog)

Other issues

Thanks to this forum.


My theory list needs fully referenced blogs for each point. However i assure you the theory points were created from references held on my drive. When i get a break from day job i will do this while dealing with the many excellent critics. Just getting this site up and running took creative effort. Now rewriting, referencing is a major job. I am hoping my ideas will still be strong after taking all comers. The reception has been better than i anticipated. A lot of quality people found the concept interesting.

Hopefully this blog will become something i feel other blogs should link to. But not yet. For now this is the best way to progress. Online development.
Sunday, October 01, 2006
Google success for search terms

this is happening faster than i thought.

My initial aim was to get to page one for the terms "white pride stormfront" these are the terms i am thinking people looking for stormfront will type. In fact google appear to be allowing only two pages of results for simpler terms such as "white stormfront" or "nationalist stormfront"

I thought i would have to write a well researched papers, spend ages debating and getting things done right, and spend till next year researching internet marketing.

Refer to this for current results on google and MSN


This theory is in a fledgling stage, but i feel the basic premise is sound.

Just the two forum discussion linked to that got 1200 readers in a few days and top star ratings on one. For stormfront in general I must have about 14,000 readers, due to a dozen posts i have begun.

Just these two reached 2,500 very quickly. Used different names due to their heavy moderation.



4,500 readers for this one


Those are respectable readerships numbers. And the speed with which they aquired readers was fast. About a week did it. Many threads in Stormfront are at numbers of 16,000 and above, This because they get re-bumped for many months. I tend to leave when i get the discussion i needed.

Other progress found in searching the terms racism femininity

Sunday, September 24, 2006
Current Forum discussions regarding the content of this blog.

Good threads on mootstormfront




A good level of debate


A more in depth one


A rather bad reaction


A better reaction

Technorati Profile

Thursday, September 21, 2006



The link between racialism and feminity.............


Majorityrights.com supresses the debate also.....


Europe was founded on masculine competition..........


Male Racism is reactive. Feminine racism is based on genetic lineage.


Our planet (earth) picks the dominant race.....


Immigration increases human abilites......


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