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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Our planet picks the dominant race.....

We do need to acknowledge that racial color indicates different brain and biological make ups. Interestingly white nationalists are racist against orientals. Orientals have higher IQ for the same reasons the white spectrum are evolved over blacks. Lower testosterone levels.

The irony is that by breeding lower testosterone levels, the result is runaway evolution, which leads to over consumption and environmental pollution.

China, along with europe and america becomes a leading polluter of the environment


This pollution sits in the atmosphere and increases heat. The effect is a subsequent hike in human testosterone levels. Testosterone levels are always higher in the hotter planetary regions.

Melanin levels are corellated with mood alterations of the tyrosine / tryptophan neurotransmitter metabolites axis, i.e lighter colour = lower dopamine as a well know example. This also has an indirect effect on the androgen/ estrogen axis which also affects the expression of male / female brain structures and also within DNA the x or y dominant alleles. SO skin color can also indirectly define the speeding up of evolution, by decreasing male dominance.

Ironic. The planet self regulates human systems. Our color is related to our global position, on a globe where the north pole was until recently the coldest one.

The High T (testosterone) spectrum races at the south hemisphere dont tend to evolve quickly. They may even prefer to regress. The lower T spectrum races evolve at a runaway rate and then pollute the planet. The planet then overheats, and selection then favours, those who produce darker skin melanin profiles which also links with more dopamine and the production of higher Testosterone. HighT spectum races tend to be right brain dominant, socially dominant, idea driven while not being economically driven and so consumption and industrial pollution will be reduced.

My opinion is that this consumption decreases because as mans testosterone levels increase, he becomes less interested in maintaining what he has, is more restless, migratory and impulsive.

This is in essence a thermodynamic view of genetic change. Our planet itself re-regulates through heat, the biology and colour of the races, at the sexual hormonal level. Which directly or not selects out the races which are least irritating it.

IMAGE FROM http://www.fragilecologies.com/img/global-warming.jpg


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